Only the best for Wiltshire's pets

Best quality dog training treats, chews, raw dog food in Wiltshire. All products are carefully chosen for their super premium quality. Fantastic variety of single protein products: Pork, Buffalo, Turkey, Rabbit, Veal, Fish, Duck, Ostrich, Chicken, Lamb, Venison, Beef, Camel, Goat, Horse.

  • Rabbit Ears with fur 1kg

    RRP £19.50

    Get 2kg for only £38

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  • Natural chew for dogs in Wiltshire

    Boredom Buster - Treat Stocking

    ONLY £12.50

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  • Pawkies - raw dog food

    Single protein - 80/10/10

    Complete chubbs 454g -

    from 99p

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Variety boxes

  • Raw mince for dogs

    Raw Meat

    We stock fine & coarse mince, chunks; we have minces that are 80/10/10 and meat for experienced raw feeders to make their own DIY meals for their dogs.

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  • Raw offal and bones for dogs

    Raw Frozen Bones & Offal

    Raw bones is a great addition to every dogs diet. Bones support dental health and a great source of different vitamins and minerals. Offal is an essential part of raw feeding and we always have a great variety in stock.

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  • Natural supplements for dogs for a healthy diet

    Herbal Supplements

    Easiest way to ensure your pets are getting a balanced diet is to add natural herbal supplements to their meals.

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