Meet our team!

Adam & Nacho - Senior Warehouse Supervisor

Adam has been with the company since June 2022, he came to Natural Treats Wiltshire from our other store in Warmley, Bristol where he was one of their delivery drivers! Now he oversees the behind the scenes helping us keep our store looking lovely & full! 

Nacho’s favourite treat: Pizzles!

Adams favourite Breed: Chihuahuas!

Feeds: Dougies Raw!

Martin, Eva, Adrian, Kiki & Teddy - Owners

Martin & Ieva set up Natural Treats Ltd because of their passion for canine health! Family is at the heart of the business at Natural Treats Wiltshire, their amazing generosity & family orientation shows through the great team here, everyone loves working at Natural Treats Ltd!

Teddy's favourite treat: Yak Cheese Bar!

Their favourite breed: All of them!

Feeds: Raw Factory, The Dogs Butcher & Dougies!

Brina, Hugo & Enzo - Senior Supervisor

Brina started with the company in June 2021 in our Warmley, Bristol store as an advisor. She has worked her way up & moved to our Wiltshire store to become our in store specialist, helping the dogs of Wiltshire with anything they may face. Brina specialises in herbal supplements, especially owning an American Bulldog she helps others whose dogs may have allergies to wanting to achieve an athletic physique. 

Hugo & Enzos favourite treat: Buffalo Horns

Favourite Breed: American Bulldogs!

Feeds: Dougies, DAF & Staffordshire Raw!

Summer & Mac - Advisor

Summer started with the company in November 2022 as our advisor. Summer has grown up with gundogs since a young age & has a passion for labradors, spaniels & rottweilers! Alongside studying, Summer works here at Natural Treats Wiltshire helping the people of Wiltshire find the best treats for their dogs!

Macs favourite treat: Antlers!

Favourite breed: Rottweilers!

Feeds: K9 Instinct Premium Dry Food!

Kirsty, Thabo & Lupo - Advisor

Kirsty started with the company in November 2022 as our warehouse assistant, however she is a natural with people & dogs so she has now joined our front of house team! Kirsty has fun creating wonderful raw bowls for her dogs to enjoy with the best ingredients, making her own fresh bone broth from bones we sell in store!

Kirsty is starting a clinical canine massage practitioner course soon to rehabilitate & keep dogs at their best!

Thabo & Lupos favourite treat: Furry beef ears!

Favourite breed: Ridgeback!

Feeds: The Dog's Butcher!

Kasie & Dave - Product Packer

Kasie joined the company in November 2022 as our dedicated product packer. 90% of the treats you buy from Natural Treats Wiltshire will be hand packed with love & care by Kasie herself! Kasie is a much loved member of the team & we will be welcoming her newest addition to the Natural Treats family in 2023, we can't wait to meet her baby!

Dave’s favourite treat: K9 Instinct Hog Casings!

Favourite breed: Rottweilers!

Feeds: K9 Instinct Premium Dry Food!

Carole - Warehouse Assistant

Carole was one of our first members of staff who was here helping paint & decorate the amazing orange walls you see today! Now she helps run the behind the scenes, tackling our big deliveries to keep the shop stocked & looking fab! Carole loves nothing more than putting her feet up in front of her log burner after a long day! 

The Bulldogs favourite treats: Sprats 

Favourite Breed: Great Danes & Irish Terrier! 

Feeds: K9 Instinct premium dry food!