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K9 Instinct

K9 Instinct Buffalo Trachea in Wrapped Lung 3pc

K9 Instinct Buffalo Trachea in Wrapped Lung 3pc

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K9 Instinct Buffalo Trachea in Wrapped Lung 3pc - 

Loaded with calcium & potassium which are essential for your dogs development as well as maintaining a healthy heart & nervous system. Buffalo also contains omega-3 fatty acids, which can help adequately develop your dogs brain & eye function. Buffalo also contains a healthy dose of other vitamins. Vitamin B6 alone is responsible for glucose generation, red blood cell & nervous system function, hormone regulation & your dogs immune response. 

All natural, buffalo trachea contain no preservatives, yeast, soy, chemicals, salt, sugar, or grains. No grains or additives to irritate your pet's skin or upset their digestive system. Single protein.

Suitable for puppies from 3 months old. Ensure drinking water is available at all times & supervise while eating. Store in a cool dry place. 

Composition:100% Buffalo
Analysis: Protein: 60% fat: 19% Fibre:6.5% Ash: 1% Moisture: 8.5%

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