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K9 Linseed Oil 500ml (Squeeze bottle)

K9 Linseed Oil 500ml (Squeeze bottle)

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LINSEED OIL: Flaxseed oil improves skin and coat condition and can also be used for the external care of dry skin. It is easily digestible and supports your pet in moulting and gives a naturally shiny coat. Also suitable for horses.

Complementary feed for dogs and cats. Store in a cool and dark place. Always
provide fresh drinking water for your pet. Not intended for human consumption.

Composition: 100% Linseed oil. Analytical constituents: Crude protein 0.1%, Crude fat 99.6%, Crude ber 0.1%, Crude ash 0.2%. Additives per 100 grams of linseed: 3a672a Vit. A 0.08mg, Vit. E 0.7mg, 3b107 Iron 0.1ppm, 3b202 Iodine 0.5ug, 3b407 Copper 0.03ppm, 3b505----- Manganese 0.06 ppm, 3b612 Zinc----- 0.9ppm, 3b8.10 Selenium 25.5mg.-----

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